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Realistic Way To Deal With Teenage Vaping

Chelsea June 29, 2015 0

Teenage vaping is among the hottest issues tackled in the online media today. One blogger even wrote about 5 telltale signs that parents should watch out for in case their children are already into

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What To Do For Avoiding Ecig Shipping Issues?

Chelsea June 24, 2015 0

Ecig shipping issues are commonly experienced by many vape consumers. While there are some issues that are beyond the control of the ecig company, shipping companies or vapers, there are a few things that

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Making Resounding Names Through Ecigarette Opposition

Chelsea June 22, 2015 0

Ecigarette opposition is the latest trend followed by many supposed scientists and health care experts today. They say a lot of arguments against vaping, which are mainly about health concerns. Some believe their ungrounded

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Paid Fear Mongering Gave Birth To NOLA Smoking Ban

Chelsea June 17, 2015 0

NOLA Smoking ban has recently been approved, which now prohibits use of combustible cigarettes in bars, businesses and the rest of other public places. Many supporters of this effort believe that the widespread smoking

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DaVinci Vaporizer Commercial Debut On Virgin American Airlines

Chelsea June 15, 2015 0

The DaVinci Vaporizer Commercial was reported to have debuted on the Virgin American Airlines. Smoking and vaping aboard planes are known to be prohibited and frowned upon so this news is considerably a revolution

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Cereal-Flavored Vapes To Enjoy Anytime

Chelsea June 9, 2015 0

Cereal are ideally eaten and enjoyed during breakfast. Yet, there is no law saying that you can only eat cereals in the morning or after you wake up. Just the same, there is no

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Giving Media Attention To Oldest Smoking Cessation Aid

Chelsea June 5, 2015 0

A British Medical Journal editorial described Cytisine as the oldest smoking cessation aid in the world. Recently, this cytosine has been gaining considerable amount of media attention. Tobacco smoking has been considered a habit

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Second FDA Ecig Workshop On March

Chelsea June 3, 2015 0

Several days before 2014 ended, the FDA has hosted the first in its series of electronic cigarette seminars. The second FDA Ecig Workshop is scheduled on March 9-10, 2015. The second public workshop is

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Getting Socially Involved Through Online Vaping Communities

Chelsea June 1, 2015 0

Participating in online vaping communities is a great way to get socially involved. Moreover, these internet-based communities also offer other benefits like getting advice from veteran vapers about the best products to get for

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Inciting Robust Immune Response With Nicotine Vaccine

Chelsea May 29, 2015 0

Several years ago, we have been informed about a nicotine vaccine that was said to help solve society’s dilemma with smoking and nicotine addiction. Although this vaccine unfortunately failed in clinical trials, Scripps Research

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