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Wringing The Truth Out Of An Ecig Article

Chelsea August 7, 2015 0

There are various articles on electronic cigarettes that you can find in the Web and reading these articles will easily tell you what side the author takes on the vaping debate. For example, Nish

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Ecig Batteries: Knowing Them Will Keep You Safe

Chelsea August 5, 2015 0

Looking around your house, you can find at least two electronic gadgets such as your mobile phone and the TV remote. Both are battery operated and you can see that each gadget uses a

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Increase Ecig Tax Because Uniformity Is More Important

Chelsea August 3, 2015 0

In Ohio, Gov. John Kasich’s proposal will certainly increase ecig tax and produce a consequence that will make smokers’ lives harder instead of easier. Rather than think of how they could ease the already

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Nicotine Benefits, Highlighted By New Study

Chelsea July 31, 2015 0

As hard as they might try, critics certainly cannot deny that nicotine has its benefits. For years, nicotine benefits have been muddled with the harms that tobacco smoke basically emits. A new study reported

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Lesser Known But Awesome Mini Box Mods

Chelsea July 29, 2015 0

If you type the word mini box mod on Google or any online search engine, you are likely to discover the most popular devices including IPV Mini 30, Smok XPRO M50, Cloupor Mini, and

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Proper Eliquid Labelling/Packaging Plus Responsible Vaping Equals Safety

Chelsea July 27, 2015 0

There has been a fuss about the safety of eliquids tackled in the news these days. Being a responsible person in filling, handling and storing eliquids (also in using a vaporizer, in charging devices)

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Vaping Issues With Medical Conditions And Medications

Chelsea July 24, 2015 0

In general, electronic cigarettes are ideal alternatives to real cigarettes because their use involves far lower risks than smoking. Yet, if the smoker is suffering from certain medical conditions or is taking some medications,

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White Cloud Ecigs Celebrates Business Momentum

Chelsea July 20, 2015 0

2014 has been the best year for White Cloud Ecigs so the company is now celebrating this business momentum that seems likely to continue. Co-Founder Matt Steingraber remarked that they took a gamble and

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Eleaf Lemo RTA Vs Other Popular Atomizers

Chelsea July 15, 2015 0

Eleaf Lemo RTA is believed by many vaper to be a game changer with it awesome design on airflow. Kayfun Lite is virtually the standard to which vapers base their assessment whenever new tanks

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VaporFi Decadent Dip And Other Strawberry Chocolate Vapes

Chelsea July 10, 2015 0

February 14, Valentine’s Day, is once again before us, the day believed to be made for lover. Whenever Valentine’s Day comes or whenever you and your loved one would like to enjoy the sensual

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